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TULI eServices Success Story - Stoever Glass & Co., Inc

Stoever Glass & Co., Inc, a reputable financial company specialized in fixed income business in Wall Street, USA, markets products such as Municipal, Corporate, Government Bonds around the nation to its clients like Individual Investors, Investment Advisers, Money Managers and other Financial Institutions.


To compete and win in today's global economy, corporations require sales/marketing and promotional tools to improve sales and marketing ability and customer relationship. To help sales representatives manage a portfolio of customers, products, and promotional material, Stoever Glass wanted an application that provided on-demand real-time information to every sales person in distributed office environments. To accomplish this, Stoever Glass realized that a sophisticated sales-support system, capable of disseminating data to multiple users and running a variety of databases on multiple hardware platforms, would be required.


The solution was Stoever Glass Sales Support System, a proprietary application, and code named SALESTOOL, Developed by TULI eServices. SALESTOOL not only accomplished the real-time information requirement, but also saved costs by replacing the paper mailing of tens of thousands of product updates and reports each month. The system provides sales team with enterprise, customer, product, availability, and promotional and reporting information. Sales team was able to provide their customers the latest bonds available in the inventory for sale as well as detail information of the bonds and other products.

System Highlights

Ability for the traveling sales representative to work off-line with all necessary information to do their job well. Easy internet/intranet connection to update information with just-in-time. Integration with IBM iSeries enterprise system and other host information systems. Easy inventory and promotional report creation and post it on website a well as email promotion. Flexible System Setup that supports a variety of localization parameters as well as several technical platforms. Intuitive graphical user interface streamlines navigation and provides a drill-down capability for accessing the right level of information too.


Stoever Glass & Co., Inc has seen its sales force become more efficient and effective, especially in dealing with customers and investment advisers. The sales force shows higher morale and greater productivity as a result of improved accuracy and the variety of tools and options that enhance their product knowledge and improve their productivity. More than $500 million in sales flow through the system each year, making the SALES TOOL one of the most mission critical systems at Stoever Glass.


Case Studies


Project: Mortgage website with Backend ADMIN/CMS

TULI eServices Inc. has been very responsible to me and paid detailed attention to my project. It is not finished yet, however, TULI eServices and crew are strongly recommended to anyone.

- Matt Dagistanli
Project: Website Design & Development with Backend ADMIN/CMS

TULI eServices has provided our company with excellent web design and database services. TULI eServices is exceptionally knowledgeable and reliable. Top qualities of TULI eservices are Great Results, Expert and High Integrity.

- DEREK GEE/VP, Peggnet Computers LLC.
Project: Website Design & Development with Backend ADMIN/CMS

Tuli e-Service team has been an instrumental part of building the IWMSconnect web-platform. They have repeatedly offered us an unrelenting commitment to delivering high value web services, at a reasonable cost and with great (great) integrity throughout the process. A highly recommended web-team!

- DANIEL/Partner, IWMSConnect LLC.