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In any organization proper work culture and suitable ambience play an integral part behind the implementation of jobs in successful manner. In other words people are the core of the organization and they need proper care, training and rearing as per norms of profession and job requirements. TULI eServices is one such company that gives utmost priority to its people. They are the main assets of the company. To utilize the work efficiency from its people, TULI eServices knows how to maintain a balance between work and the requirements of people. By requirements it means enough flexibility and relaxation so that people can connect, communicate thereby easing out the usual work pressure and fatigue. Celebrating the essence of life is incorporated with work and thus the company feels the pulse of people. The aim is to make the employees of TULI eServices feel home away from home.

From the very beginning TULI eServices is reaching the scale of success shouldering the responsibility as a corporate citizen. The company helps people to utilize information technology for improving quality of life. Keeping this noble mission in mind, TULI eServices creates a revolution in corporate citizenship by contributing innovative solutions and strategies that will aim transform and empower global communities. Our varied and continual programs support workforce development, arts and culture, and communities in need through targeted technology grants and project funds.

With more than 100 skilled professionals onboard, TULI eServices offers exciting career paths for all employees. Customer satisfaction is prioritized and that too without compromising in any way with the ethics of good work. Close to heels, operational transparency is very much present amongst the people who know best to work as a team.

The scope for improvement of any organization will be only possible when it gets the avenues for two way communication which provides chance of receiving feedbacks. TULI eServices too is not an exception. In fact we believe in a feedback centric culture for their continual betterment. TULI eServices also has developed methodologies so that the feedback process reaches perfection. Feedback is received through regular employee surveys that actually garner feedback from all the stakeholders, work on their weaknesses and thus increase their success rates. Apart from taking utmost care for customer satisfaction, initiatives also are being taken for employees' skill improvement.


Case Studies


Project: Mortgage website with Backend ADMIN/CMS

TULI eServices Inc. has been very responsible to me and paid detailed attention to my project. It is not finished yet, however, TULI eServices and crew are strongly recommended to anyone.

- Matt Dagistanli
Project: Website Design & Development with Backend ADMIN/CMS

TULI eServices has provided our company with excellent web design and database services. TULI eServices is exceptionally knowledgeable and reliable. Top qualities of TULI eservices are Great Results, Expert and High Integrity.

- DEREK GEE/VP, Peggnet Computers LLC.
Project: Website Design & Development with Backend ADMIN/CMS

Tuli e-Service team has been an instrumental part of building the IWMSconnect web-platform. They have repeatedly offered us an unrelenting commitment to delivering high value web services, at a reasonable cost and with great (great) integrity throughout the process. A highly recommended web-team!

- DANIEL/Partner, IWMSConnect LLC.