Offshore Outsourcing (Offered by our sister company TULI eServices Pvt. Ltd. in Kolkata, India)

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Outsourcing of software is simply software development at another location; a facility connected with the client's location using high-speed data communication links to allow engineers and managers to communicate on a real-time basis. Clients on the other side of the globe can monitor developments and project milestones on an up-to-the-minute basis, ensuring both quality and progress.

How you benefit from outsourcing your software development to TULI eServices Pvt. Ltd.

1. Acquire specialist development expertise when you need it

  • Reduce your development costs. Only pay for services, when required. Obtain the right skills for each project
  • Acquire experts at the right time, working to your timescales to efficiently meet your project objectives
  • Streamline your business activity
  • Access to a vast pool of talented software and hardware professionals

2. Focus on your strategic goals

  • Less distraction means more focus on your core competencies
  • Gain the time to focus clearly on your strategic goals, and plan for success

3. Improve your flexibility and responsiveness

  • Expert resource at your fingertips means it's easier to be flexible in project planning and implementation
  • Respond more quickly to customer requirements or changing market conditions

Case Studies


Project: Mortgage website with Backend ADMIN/CMS

TULI eServices Inc. has been very responsible to me and paid detailed attention to my project. It is not finished yet, however, TULI eServices and crew are strongly recommended to anyone.

- Matt Dagistanli
Project: Website Design & Development with Backend ADMIN/CMS

TULI eServices has provided our company with excellent web design and database services. TULI eServices is exceptionally knowledgeable and reliable. Top qualities of TULI eservices are Great Results, Expert and High Integrity.

- DEREK GEE/VP, Peggnet Computers LLC.
Project: Website Design & Development with Backend ADMIN/CMS

Tuli e-Service team has been an instrumental part of building the IWMSconnect web-platform. They have repeatedly offered us an unrelenting commitment to delivering high value web services, at a reasonable cost and with great (great) integrity throughout the process. A highly recommended web-team!

- DANIEL/Partner, IWMSConnect LLC.