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Effective Project Management and Quality Assurance are critical for the successful implementation of any major corporate initiative. TULI eServices has Project Management Office in order to control the Project Management and QA.

Order Management

Current Challenges: We face challenges such as high customer service and return costs, lack of visibility into demand, tracking orders across wide array of sales channels and multiple order-placing options. They need integrated end-to-end order management approach.

What TULI eServices Provides: In order to help customers increase their loyalty by virtually eliminating all manual aspects of order management within enterprises TULI eServices brings in its strong consulting, technology capabilities.

Product Testing

Current Challenges: The key to achieve growth in the high-tech industry is innovation amidst constraints of dynamic customer preferences and fast paced technology obsolescence. We have to focus on core product development activities and product testing and QA.

What TULI eServices Provides: With experience in product engineering, product development and testing drawn out of its relationships with prominent high-tech enterprises, TULI eServices follows systematic approaches and automation during testing. TULI eServices uses WinRunner, Mantis and other tools and methodologies. We thus reduce time and effort in testing thereby making the entire software development life-cycle more efficient.

Roles and Responsibilities of PMO

  • Continually interacting with client to find out their requirements and work done adheres to their requirement.
  • PMO also provides an audit function to make sure that the standards are being followed.
  • PMO checks outstanding points left for individual project.
  • PMO is also responsible for checking the quality of the project.
  • PMO handles the defect tracking of a project.

Our members are skilled in SQA / QA best practices, methodologies, frameworks, testing and reporting standards.


Case Studies


Project: Mortgage website with Backend ADMIN/CMS

TULI eServices Inc. has been very responsible to me and paid detailed attention to my project. It is not finished yet, however, TULI eServices and crew are strongly recommended to anyone.

- Matt Dagistanli
Project: Website Design & Development with Backend ADMIN/CMS

TULI eServices has provided our company with excellent web design and database services. TULI eServices is exceptionally knowledgeable and reliable. Top qualities of TULI eservices are Great Results, Expert and High Integrity.

- DEREK GEE/VP, Peggnet Computers LLC.
Project: Website Design & Development with Backend ADMIN/CMS

Tuli e-Service team has been an instrumental part of building the IWMSconnect web-platform. They have repeatedly offered us an unrelenting commitment to delivering high value web services, at a reasonable cost and with great (great) integrity throughout the process. A highly recommended web-team!

- DANIEL/Partner, IWMSConnect LLC.