ADA Compliance

Committed to deliver an accessible experience for our clients through their websites

Choose Accessible Web Design for All Users

We are committed to deliver an accessible experience for our clients through their websites. We believe that the websites are accessible to all the users right from the design to navigation and display of content to its functionality. We ensure that the websites we develop are ADA compliant and are highly accessible. The websites we create for our clients meet WCAG 2.0 standards.

Our team of expert designers will assist you throughout the phases of planning, designing, development and launching our client’s accessible websites. Call us today to discuss your business objectives and get started with the process of designing accessible websites

Drawing the Plans

Starting a new website project is quite complex, it is important to draw a plan so that all key components are well taken care of. It is crucial to consider the business objectives, target audience of the website, how the website is going to be used, etc.

The objective of any business website is to spread words about its products or services. Business website aims towards sharing crucial information with the visitors in a visually desirable and easy-to-understand manner.

While planning for an accessible website design, all the essential aspects such as the appearance, tone, navigation, functionality, usability, etc. comes into account. Web design and development team takes into account the web design accessibility standards so that the web design accessibility is achieved.

Physical Accessibility Parallels Digital Accessibility

Digital accessibility means that websites, technologies and tools are designed and developed for people of all types. Even people with disabilities can access and use digital media without any issues. People can navigate, understand, perceive and interact with the web and contribute to it.

Web accessibility comprehends all disabilities that impact the use and access of the web including cognitive, visual, auditory, neurological, speech, and physical. Web accessibility also benefits users without disabilities such as the people using smart devices such as smartphones, smart TVs, smart watches, or other devices with smaller screens and distinct input modes. It benefits older people, person with temporary disabilities, people with situational restrictions or people who have limited bandwidth.

Accessibility affects people with disabilities as well as person in older age, people living in developing countries as well as those living in rural areas. It is crucial to design websites considering accessibility standards; however, mapping accessibility features while designing a new website can prevent significant time, money and putting up additional efforts too.


Accessibility is Priority!

On thoroughly analyzing the number of audience who currently need- and who will in future need better web accessibility, you will understand the importance of designing an accessible website.

What Can be Done to Improve Web Design Accessibility

There exist some of the best practices to create a more comprehensive online audience. These extensive practices include, but are not limited to:


Including logical headers


Including tags in the content


Using keyboard shortcuts


Using adaptable code and algorithms


Including close captioning


Including a proper markup for tables on web pages


Writing descriptive captions (alt-text) for images


Developing a responsive web design


Ensuring smooth and consistent navigation

There is a never ending list of best practices that can be followed to deliver an accessible web design.

Planning to build an accessible website right from the beginning will eliminate the risks of discarding the website and begin from scratch. If the web development team take note of all these key points while building up a website, it will be easier to maintain, update, and modify the changes as required. Get in touch to our accessible web designers to discover the range of options for developing an accessible website for your brand.

What to Do Next

Having an accessible website can be a bewildering challenge for a business owner as you might not be technically proficient and may avoid incorporating these important key factors to save time and efforts. Ignoring any of these crucial key points will lead to more complexities at the later stage. This will not only prevent your website from gaining a rank in search engine listing, but you will be in violation of legal lawsuit/ discrimination laws. To get rid of these complexities later, you will require tweaking necessary updates to your business website anyway. It will cost you more time, money and efforts at the same.

To enable you having an accessible website, we specialize in assisting small, medium and large business organizations so that you would be able to promote your business critical information without discriminating the accessibility standards. Building accessible web designs is our topmost priority and we inculcate this in our web designs via our team of expert Web Designers and Developers.

The Basis for Web Design Accessibility

Today, internet is considered number one source of information research, social interaction, news, sports updates, community information etc. Our dependency on internet for every single task, be it education or entertainment makes it crucial that Internet is accessible to everyone. This is important so that the users of all kinds can tap the web to easily find out what they are looking for.

While some websites have made accessibility as priority; majority of sites do not meet acceptable digital accessibility standards. Google inspects accessibility standards of its web pages through developer tools.

Consider your User Population

You might be thinking that ‘Why would I be concerned about web accessibility?’ In addition, you might be thinking that your business is not tech focused or a giant one like Google, LinkedIn or Facebook. Possibly, you don’t think that your current audience is living with disabilities. Regardless of the size or volume of your business and irrespective of the domain and audience you are serving, companies can be litigated for discrimination if their websites are not as per web accessibility standards.

So in order to avoid the concerns related to legal or potential lawsuit, ensuring web accessibility is the right thing to do for business firms.

Consider the Data on Disabled Individuals

United Nations report says that around 1 billion people in the entire world are living with varied disabilities. Of these 1 billion people, 56.7 million disable people live in the US alone. We cannot ignore these individuals with disabilities as they from a significant part of national and global population. Think it other way! They form a remarkable number of potential audiences that your website would be missing out on by being inaccessible.

Another demographic is the ageing customers who will require accessibility support. United Nations report states that nearly 962 million people falls in the age group of 60 years and over. This constitutes 13% of the world population and this percentage expected to grow by 3% each year. By 2050, the total population of 60 years and above is expected to reach 2.1 billion marks. So, it is evident that his growing numbers of ageing people will need support to access the internet in the upcoming years.

Accessibility for EVERYONE

Create A Better Internet – Accessibility for EVERYONE

As a matter of fact, the web accessibility standards added to the website will benefit the website itself in many different ways. Adding accessibility standards will improve the ranking of the website on search engine listings. Accessible websites are not only accessible to people with disabilities; but they are also highly searchable on the internet and to more users.

Designing and delivering an accessible website is the best possible way to do business with persons with disabilities. By making an accessible website, you are making yourself available to the people who find difficulty reading the printed material, to those who are physically disable and cannot visit a store and to those with hearing impairment or disorders.

Our experts ensure incorporating the best web design accessibility standards and can train your team about relevant information to keep you update with the latest accessibility trends. This will ensure that your team would be successfully able to follow accessibility laws and guidelines in future. Working with our team will not only allow you to build your online presence, but enable you to gain a positive and more interactive experience.

Contact our team to know more about how we integrate best websites in building accessible websites that allows your business to be available and accessible to all the users. We help your business in reaching the global client base via accessible web designs.