.Net Application / PowerApps / Xamari / Sharepoint Development

Digital Transformation with Multi-device Application Platforms

.Net Application Development

Solution-driven comprehensive programming model .Net application development paves the way to accelerate your enterprise by creating universal cross-platform server applications to generate native web, mobile and desktop application portfolio across multi-devices.


Web Web Application

  • Intuitive interface element for user and group management
  • Real-time communications and module web API for unlimited expandability
  • Intelligent caching mechanism and responsive UI to speed up your website
  • Free choice of C#, ASP.NET, SQL SERVER, Ajax, Jquery, web service, HTML and CSS frameworks

Desktop Application

  • Intranet-based share access module
  • Interoperability and Language independence
  • Cutting-edge graphics for attractive visual presentation
  • High-tech project management software: Data entry systems, Order processing systems, Accounting systems

Mobile Application Development Tools

Power-up your enterprise with cloud-based, user-interactive SaaS solutions like Xamarin and PowerApps to deliver best-in- class mobile apps built for multiple platforms on a shared database without even writing codes that let you connect to existing data source and services.



  • Responsive UI and API access
  • Cross-platform support for three major mobile platforms (Android, iOS and Windows)
  • Superior automated testing
  • Seamless language integration: C#


  • Mobilize legacy on-premises systems into great apps across devices
  • Multi-device interface: Mobile-Web-Desktop
  • Dynamic CRM
  • Secured Payment Gateway

Other tools to boost your business

Sharepoint (CRF)

  • Augmented document management and storage system
  • Centralized administration and built-in instant messaging
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Increased Business Intelligence solutions
  • Security and integrity

Salesforce (URJ)

  • Cloud-based CRM application can be integrated with asp.net web application for customized report generation
  • Manage end-to- end customer relationship in client-server platform
  • Practice management on a single database
  • Better time management and easy account planning
  • Tracking competitors and forecasting opportunities