10 reasons why Fitness, Day Spa, Salons or Yoga business owners could use Business Studio Management Software

Business Studio Management Software for why Fitness, Day Spa, Salons or Yoga business owners

Fitness and personal healthcare industry is becoming a larger Marketplace day by day. With the advancement of technology, ‘the industry’ is adopting all new Web 2.0 standards for operational excellency. It is no longer a mandate for the Fitness, Day Spa, Salons or Yoga Service providers to limit their choices with single business studio association.

Fitness or Personal Healthcare Studio Business Management Solution is an ease of breath that empowers business owners or service providers to explore new dimensions of revenue generation which could help them to open up new opportunities in order to increase booking efficiencies, upsell, reduce queuing times and improve customer experiences. Internally it can improve understanding of customer behaviors, staffing requirements and resource allocation which in turn helps the business owners to achieve visible operational Excellency.

What benefits you could avail:
  • Dedicated team with an industry-leading resources for advance solutions and support.
  • Leverage dedicated training and education for deployment and adoption.
  • Automate your facility with proven features designed for your business.
  • Tap your untapped target audience through indigenous marketplace concept.
  • Take the business operation facility with you wherever you go.
Why you should use the system:
  • Comprehensive ‘Easy to use’ cloud-based solution
  • Helps grow your business multi-fold
  • Saves time & enhance usability
  • Member staff & resource management
  • Integrated email campaign
  • Comes with Branded Mobile Apps differently customized for fitness trainer and users(your brand / your schedule)
What are the offerings?

Fitness & Personal Healthcare Studio Business Management Software is three dimensional in nature. It could be used by professional fitness or personal healthcare business owners to manage either their single location studio or multi-location studio. Individual service providers could manage their schedule with business studios or with users. Users could be connected with business studio or individual service providers, more like an open social marketplace.

Top 10 Reasons that Business Owners could explore:
  • Geolocation Based Search:

The cloud-based solution with a branded mobile App is equipped with a Geolocation Based Search functionality. Fitness business owners could explore this feature to localize their business for users.

    1. Appointment Scheduling:An automated appointment scheduling system which works seamlessly with synchronization of the web-based system and branded mobile apps.
  • Professional Profiling:

Promote your fitness service centers’ resources with more professional fitness service provider’s custom profiles integrated with star rating system and unambiguous users’ reviews. Each profile gives a snapshot of integrated calendar tool for upcoming appointments and also keep the track of previous appointments.  Embrace your target audience with your internal resource capacity and share with integrated social widgets for organic promotion. Notification of upcoming events or appointments are shared through push notification system for the branded mobile apps.

    1. Business Group Profiling:This is a high-level utility applicable for larger fitness business owners who have multi-location business operations. Business group profiling is completely bespoken and custom developed according to the existing business intelligence.
  • User’s Profiling:

Users could have their own profile segment from where they could track their progress, communicate with their trainer or seek for an appointment. Any new events are get posted to the user’s profile directly. Reminders about upcoming events or appointments are streamed through push notification service with branded mobile app.

    1. Calendar Management:A state of art calendar management is available with the cloud-based web application to manage all events and appointments. Notifications and reminders could be set from the integrated calendar. The same functionality supports Google Calendar for branded Android App and iCal for iOS App.
  • Billing Management:

A complete billing management is integrated into the system which is functional for cloud-based system and branded mobile app. This section maintains a record of all financial transactions. Payment gateway is also integrated for easy pay from web and mobile apps. An option of future integration of Google wallet and Apple pay is there.

    1. Communication Management:Both the branded app and cloud-based web system as integrated instant-messaging service keeps a track of all communication between trainer and user spontaneously.
  • Document Management:

Service users could upload their Nutrition or Health related documents or achievement goals to their profile. Trainers could refer to these documents by permission only from the users. This also increases a social interaction between the trainers and users as the later part have the facility to follow other respective trainers from the same field.

  1. Custom e-Commerce Store:Business owners could have this facility to set a storefront to sell their branded merchandise if they have. The Business Studio Management Software is often integrated with an inbuilt e-commerce shopping cart to facilitate online merchandising for both trainers and users.

Often the software is 100% customizable as per the business requirements. Any specific functionality could be added to the existing one if required. Technology Service providers prefer to give cloud-based web solutions along with native mobile applications. The Business Studio Management Solution is highly scalable in nature and easy to deploy.