Apple WWDC keeps surprising the tech-world and us with its amazing features every year. This year was no different. The experience beyond expectation kept us amused all over through this 5 days extravaganza. The phenomenal presentation by Tim Cook and team left us spectacle at every second. 5,000 total attendees from 74 countries along with 72% first-time attendees and millions of users watching on live streams couldn’t stop clapping with every bespoken idea that was announced on this 27th year of WWDC in California.

We are thrilled to enlighten on few key highlights of the event below:



Say good-bye to OS 10 as we welcome the re-branded MAC OS at this season of WWDC. World’s most advanced edition of OS is renamed as MAC OS Sierra which is already creating a buzz in the tech world. We waste major portion of our time daily typing and re-typing our password which we always tend to forget while opening up our gadgets. The distinct attribute of Continuity features the ‘auto-unlock’ system to solve this issue with just a touch. That does save a lot of our precious time. Doesn’t it? It doesn’t just end there. The copy & paste becomes easier with the new feature called ‘Universal Clipboard’ being accessible to various apple devices just like that.

You are never going to outrun your disk-space as the enhanced feature Optimized Storage makes room for new data to get stored in your system while taking care of your belongings i.e. old files in the iCloud Drive for future use.

Want to order that long-awaited classy leather bag online through your MAC? Good news is that now you can checkout from your shopping cart on the screen of MAC through Apple Pay as fast as you are done with finger-print authentication through your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Ever heard the song Genie in a bottle? This time the Genie is named as SIRI that too in a box. SIRI, Apple’s personal assistant makes its debut to MAC to help us rediscover Mac-Oriented functionality seamlessly which fulfills our every wish that we could ever dream off MAC. Multi-tasking has a new meaning with features like Picture-in-Picture and managing multi-tabs in the same window at once.

IOS 10


Subtle personalization and sleek user experience is the USP of IOS 10 this year. The trump card is the redesigned lock screen with 3D-touch enabled notifications and Raise to Wake feature that wakes up the screen without bypassing notifications.

The introduction of SIRI SDK escalates the journey of seamless UX rendering third-party app support that allows six different modes of functions: ride booking, messaging, photo search, payments, VoIP calling, and workouts at the same time. SIRI intelligence amplifies the effect of Quick Type keyboard with contextual predictions. Messaging gets smarter with the built-in handwritten notes, background animations, bubble effects, hidden “invisible ink” messages, rich links, quick “Tapback” replies, digital touch etc. Wan’t to make someone special tonight? Send them personal texts with 3* bigger emoji with predictive emoji feature and share images and videos right in-line inside the transcript.

Memories are precious to us and we love to preserve them into images. IOS 10 is rejuvenating those tiny little memories into a cluster through advanced artificial intelligence on contextual based relevancy. What gives life to it, is advanced computer vision inclined to impressive facial and object recognition capabilities.

The refurbished MAP feature synchronizes our everyday life impeccably with easier access controls, destination suggestions, proactive navigation, traffic information on route with dynamic view that pans in and out to allow users to look ahead to what traffic conditions are like.

It’s time to rock n roll with the revamped Apple Music with access to over 30 million songs and a 24*7 global station redefining radio to its already 15 million paid subscriber and billions of music lovers across globe. Apple Music gets street smart with radical tab inclusions like Library, Radio, Browse, Search creating a melodious enchantment for all its music-souls with features like recently played, daily curated playlist and ‘connect’ to follow and listen to posts from your favorite artiste. For You is our favorite part of Apple Music. Want to know why? Because it reflects our very own choice of tunes.

Packed performance, high-speed updates, seamless user-experience is what keeps WWDC, the-talk-of-the-town every year. Stay tuned for more updates on WWDC, 2016 and in our next edition.

The fine line between intense personalization and secured end-to-end solution is the root of any organization’s aspiration and WWDC, 2016’s exclusive endurance strengthen their competitive advantage in this course in a brilliant manner. Just like our readers, the fascinating journey of WWDC, 2016 kept us curious since our last blog. With the eternal zeal and zest, we feel privileged to present the startling updates of Apple’s other two widely used devices.



The announcement of video channels over 1300 and 6000 apps; Apple visions to create a whole-new dimension in the world of television. They are not wrong when they say “The future of TV is app.” The refurbished Apple TV remote-app magnifies the power of physical Siri Remote with touch navigation, Siri integration, and game-play support.

Are you a night owl and movie-holic at the same time? Apple TV has the perfect ‘Dark Mode’ feature built-in just for you. Want to download an app in your iPhone and wish to access it on your big-screen? With ‘Single Sign On’ feature on TV OS 10, you get to authenticate and access all the apps downloaded on your iPhone an iPad which are showcased on the smart TV.

Way too tired to go through the entire list of movies or daily-soaps after a hectic day of work? Get help of the super-power of SIRI which categorize movies and TV-series by topics after searching over Apple’s database of 6,50,000 movies and TV shows to make the ideal watch-list for you. What adds value is the Live Tune-In feature where SIRI can present your preferred programmes live from YouTube at the cost of a single voice command.

There is also good news for the developers around the world as they have launched two kits for them: HomeKit to take absolute control over all devices at home and Replay Kit to live broadcast equipped with save-for-later add on.



Where shall we start when we talk about the enhanced user experience of WATCH OS of Apple? Custom branded Watch Face, DOCK, Instant Apps, Improved Activity Motivation, Instant Replies, Fitness app or SOS? Can’t wrap it up in just one line.

Let’s start with the ‘instant launch’ feature of apps in the dock. This new feature can show your favorite apps with refreshed informations and background updates just as fast as you blink. You have to try to believe it. Trust us. What’s more fun is the ‘Scribble’ messaging feature and this creative smart-reply feature allows you to reply as you draw letters with your finger on the smart-watch screen in less than a second. The all-in-one navigation app now comes as a perk where you are given access to swipe through the entire screen to arrive at your favorite app.

With the modified SOS app, you will never feel helpless as you can alert emergency contacts right from your Apple Watch in case of ‘call emergency services’ while being present or travelling to other country across the world.

The fitness-freaks are going to love the all-new BREATHE app where you can take a deep-breathing session just in the middle of your work resulting in a stress-free mind as you get to track your health routines within a small gadget in your wrist. This app also takes care of your heart in a way as it shows the heart rate summary so if this isn’t enough to boost your motivation as you workout, you can also install the activity-sharing app which gives you the exact activity whereabouts of your friends and foes.

Even two of the new features- ‘time to roll’ and ‘activity-ring’ are especially dedicated to the wheel-chair users to let them track their all-day activity goals and your kids are definitely going to love the new Minnie Mouse Watch Face while you can customize the watch face with a simple numerals face or an Activity face to match your type of personality.

Last but not the least, Apple Pay now tops the list as a newly integrated feature of Apple Watch OS 3.

The pledge to make appealing devices and a determination to bestow a new meaning to the high-tech society has always defined the true essence of WWDC each year. WWDC has never disappointed us and always strive to meet our greater expectations. Now, the million dollar question remains, what’s next?