The iPhone 7 Launch: A Blessing in Disguise or An Era in The Making?


Apple iPhone 7 Launch,2016

The Apple iPhone 7 is still the talk of the town even after its two weeks of the launch at a jam-packed Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on September 7th. The much-awaited iPhone 7 has hit the town with brand new features. But wait! It might not feel like the “whole new thing” to a bunch of people. It pretty much looks the same on the outside to its previous version. But some upgraded features might surprise you as well.

Looks do matter

The sleek design of the new iPhone with extremely durable aluminum body makes this saying truer. Both the iPhones (7 and 7 plus) are available in Jet Black finish that looks incredible in its own way along with other colors like Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and another shade of black titled as Black. What unfortunate is, the Jet Black edition is highly scratch-prone and picks up fingerprints in no time. On the brighter side, the new Retina HD Display and a wide color gamut come with a promise of 25% brighter display than its previous phone iPhone 6S.

Although the smaller screen size of 4.7 inches is relatively easy to keep hold of but is quite small compared to the big-screen phablets available with displays over 5.5inches. The iPhone 7 gets our hopes high with the addition of the water-resistant feature that can be submerged in a meter of water for almost 30 minutes although they’re not fully waterproof in comparison to other smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7 which gives better promises of not damaging your phones while you go swimming.

Similar to Apple’s new MacBook trackpads, they have redesigned their quintessential Home-Button while taking a paradigm shift towards force-sensitive, vibration-based touch feedback system using Taptic Engine. To people already accustomed with the software button floating around their iPhone screens, the clicky physical button at the bottom of the new phone will feel a bit stranger. You’ll have to try it to decide for yourself.

The Controversy

The biggest controversial buzz of this year’s special event at iPhone7 launch was the removal of the headphone jack. To go with the flow of “gadgets getting smarter and smaller in size”, Apple has raised their own standard by integrating one of the smartest accessories in their new phone is wireless earbuds named as Airpods which comes in a tiny white box, opening up new doors for all the accessory makers.

Not to get disappointed with the missing jack as you still can use your traditional wired headphones and earbuds by connecting up the lightning port using a 3.5mm adapter included in the box. To keep the groove on, Apple iPhone 7 is incorporated with the cool makeover of the dual stereo speaker. All the music lovers can now listen to countless songs from different genre stored in their iPhones as Apple has doubled the amount of storage maxing out at 256GB.

The Camera Specification

For the love of all Photoholics, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus comes as a huge gift. Worldwide acknowledged photographers has already praised the new features of iPhone 7 camera like a dual lens consisting of wide angle and telephoto lens with 2X optical zoom plus a 10X digital zoom wider with 12 megapixel camera for, an advanced high-speed 12-megapixel sensor, optical image stabilizer creating a visual ecstasy in every professional shot that you would want to put in a frame. With an aperture of f/1.8, you could get the best shot in lowlight at your late-night parties.

Gen-X loved playing Super Mario video game. Thanks to Mr. Cook for bringing back the super-cool game in the new iPhone 7 and to let them live up the moment with their Gen-Y kids. With the Pokémon Go craziness around, the integration of this game in iPhone 7 is definitely going to be a massive hit among the iPhone 7 users.


Now the million dollar question remains that will the new features of iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus will be successful in provoking iPhone 6 users to upgrade to the most expensive phone yet? With so many controversial features like missing headphone jack and the iconic home button integrated into the brand- new iPhones; we just have to keep our fingers crossed to see how this tech-giant keeps its feet grounded in this competitive market. Is $649(Apple iPhone 7 for 32 GB) worth it?