Top 5 Apps Everyone in the Fitness Industry Should be Using

Top 5 fitness apps everyone should be using in 2016

“And now we welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been”― Rainer Maria Rilke

We know that the New Year resolution taken at the beginning of this year is chasing you all around which you couldn’t keep up till now. As 2017 is one month more to go, there is still time to get off the couch, get your running shoes and burn some extra calories. While you might be wondering where to begin, you can start off with various health & fitness apps available via smartphones, wearable devices, tablets. With the increased no. of smartphone users, virtual fitness trainers or mobile fitness apps are proving to be the driving force behind the larger marketplace of personal healthcare and fitness industry.

Here we have compiled a list of top 5 fitness apps for 2016:


Life is a race and we strive hard to make the very best of it. Some are passionate enough to go places and turn every moment of every day into a race to the finish line. Behind every athlete, there is a story and Strava is definitely a part of it especially in this year and onwards. Strava is built for those athletes, cyclists, runners who relish speed; accelerating them to the next level of fitness. With over 25 different activity-tracking device compatibility, this San Fransisco-based app is also a social networking platform to boost all the workout fanatics to go the extra mile. Our favorite is the GPS tracking feature that displays 3D mapping allowing its users to plan and explore the most exciting routes. Get rewarded by joining the sports community and meet healthy challenges to stay on top of the leader board. Till date, this app has over 1 million active users, with over 200,000 premium users.

Meditation Studio

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become”– Buddha.

Whether you are stressed or upset or simply having a bad day, meditation could be the answer for you. To keep your divine spirituality balanced; this app is helping you to get inner peace in a simplified way. Learn over 200+ step-by-step guided meditations from 27 leading meditation experts leading you to a stress-free lifestyle. Mark your calendar with your preferred timing for each session and keep track of your progress to rejuvenate the perfect peace within. The best part of this app is the uncluttered user interface that navigates you to focus more on your meditational journey throughout the session. This particular fitness app is specially designed for gym studio owners and fitness center franchise; providing fitness service to clients ranging from business tycoons to local commuters who are obsessed with personal well-being.

Lose It!

It’s time to shape up to fit in your party wear as you are almost ready to rock the night on New Year or Christmas with your beloved. Before you hit the dance floor with Eminem’s “Just Lose It”, you better lose some extra fat with this free website and mobile app. Good news is you can still have your favorite tuna salad or your choice of pizza on the streets of New York since you have this personalized virtual trainer to count your calories and push you to complete your desired fitness goals. It is compatible with a long list of other fitness devices and apps, including Nike+ FuelBand, Fitbit devices, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness and Jawbone UP, so you can import your calorie intake and balance it effortlessly against your calorie expenditure.


Fitness-tracking apps are becoming more fun with socially engaging apps like Endomondo. The accurate and simple interface of this app tracks all your outdoor activities like running, bike riding while offering detailed recommendations and analysis of your activity at the end of every session. The multi-activity tracking system through it’s cross-device accessibility function, you get to have real-time pep talks with your best friend to motivate you to go the extra mile. Over 300,000 users were reported to have participated in one of its challenges in the recent past! Yes, that’s how popular it is.

7 Minute Workout

Make every second count in your hectic daily schedule with this anywhere-anytime workout app and start a healthy living today. With plenty of fitness app available in the market, what gives this virtual personal trainer a competitive edge is an easy accessibility at all ability levels in a measured time to suit your routine. To start your workout with this app, you just need to have a chair, a bit of floor space or a wall. The whole bunch of exercises like triceps dips using a chair, jumping jacks, wall chair, pushups, high-knee running in place, crunches, side plank comes with attractive interface integration. Enjoy your favorite list of music as you sweat out the extra calories.

With the jam-packed marketplace filled with countless fitness apps, finding out the best option that perfectly meets your business requirements is not always easy to find out. Whether you are a fitness studio owner, a trainer or an enthusiast, you deserve to choose an exclusive branding experience for your users. Our team of high-skilled developers has built effective fitness apps for our client TheFitCompany which is solely dedicated towards serving different type of users. At TULIeServices, recently we customized two fitness apps Fit Providr and Fit Findr that meets different professional needs in the personal and healthcare industry. Both the apps are well-equipped to meet the client’s specific business goals with smart features like intuitive UI design, creative push notifications, real-time updates, seamless client management and appointment scheduling, location-based activity tracking system, revenue tracking system to track daily sales report, smooth online transactions and so on. Want to kick-start your personalize fitness service? You must try these apps available on both platforms- iOS and Android. Take advantage of the custom business studio management software that we are offering to stay ahead in the tug-of-war between all top-notch studio chains and salon owners who are offering their own branded apps. Explore new opportunities in this larger consumer marketplace by paying a one-time set-up fee for an ultimate cloud-based solution.

The potentiality of digital advancements due to the uplift in mobile usage and the increased demand for personal well-being is proving to be a good fortune for streamlined personal health and fitness related apps and devices.