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The right way to mobile app optimisation

The statement mobile marketing is crucial for any business is now passé. Now the emphasis is more on the statistics to understand consumer behavioral pattern and how it can determine the flow of the traffic. But the question remains whether it can be a sustainable approach?

The rise of ASO

According to a report by comScore, people spending time on smartphones devote almost 82% of their time on mobile apps. The rise of the mobile apps users has increased significantly urging companies to revisit their marketing strategies. But there is cause of concern. How do you ensure that you have the right traffic for your business? A new cool method is ASO or the process of optimizing mobile apps. It helps the app to rank higher in the search results of the app store. The higher the rank, the more visible the app is to the potential customers. ASO simply helps to drive more traffic to your app in the app store. The ultimate goal is for the customers to download the app.

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Features that add zing to your product

As more and more businesses are vying for attention of the customers, they are implementing interesting methods as their marketing strategy.

Big names in retail like Target are offering printed coupons along with mobile coupons that are only delivered through SMS. These can actually be redeemed in the store without even printing the coupons. So, if you have a mobile app for Target, you will be keen to avail this opportunity. On the other side, think of the business boost. The company by offering such coupons are trying to build loyalty, generate revenue and attracting search traffic who are looking for options like coupons.

A store locator is another great app that has created the buzz in the retail arena. This comes in close liaison with the mobile mapping system. Retailers like Target and Walgreens can see the vast opportunity in this app. Putting your store in the locator is a great idea. This location-based service is actually a great way to tell your customers that they have a store catering to their needs close by.

Customer is king

Whatever you do, you should not forget that the ultimate aim is to make your customers happy. A genuine interaction with the customers can be a key strategy for increasing loyalty and creating a good word for your app. Often word-of-mouth publicity is the most effective weapon in business.

Find a group of people who have been pretty loyal to you and give them early access to the upgraded versions of your app. This should be done, before the app comes to the app store. Their feedback can prove to be beneficial. Their objective reviews can actually generate the buzz you are looking for. There will be brutal reviews, but then also you will have an informed core group of fans who can endorse your product, as a counter-reaction to the reviews.

A customer service team can be extremely effective when it comes to communication to the customers. Emails and push notifications will do the trick, but the content should have something which will add value for the customers. Strategize well, and let your customers know that there is a good thought behind the products.

Always remember that there are thousands of apps in the app store. If you have to be distinctive as compared to this app clutter, you have to be innovative.