Why you should consider offshore outsourcing to India

It would be wrong to say that India is a nouveau hub of global outsourcing industry. The wave came and settled, it’s no longer a fad, but it’s in fact one of the largest industries with a growth rate that skyrockets every year. Outsourcing was a novel trend a decade ago, and over the years it grew and matured, and it’s here to stay. Let’s look at some of the reasons which make India one of the largest IT outsourcing providers in the world.

That incredible bit about cost effectiveness

Let’s face it, India has an unusually large population, and this unusually large population is churning out more than 3 lakh graduates every year, a substantial part of whom possess the required skill set of IT industries. Outsourcing to India would thus mean accessing a large talent pool, and ample chances of picking and choosing the individual or company whose work ethics and services align with your needs. Outsourcing is particularly cost effective because it requires no hiring, firing or training costs on your part, all the latest services and technology is up for grabs by the providers and you need only talk it over with them about your projects.


Quality of service

Outsourcing companies make you their priority. Since you are a customer, you’re sure to get the best quality of service, effective management and excellent delivery time, unlike in-house employees who may get a little casual about all of these. This priority service ensures that there are no gaps in communication and your project gets completed on schedule, exactly how you want it.

Time difference is a good thing

Most Indian IT offshore outsourcing companies are willing to work on Western time, making it easy to communicate and receive updates about your projects in real time. Again, a lot of these companies provide 24×7 services which mean they’re working round the clock to get the job done. How’s that for efficiency?

More profits and Capital Funds

Since you’re exempt from investing a whole lot of funds for hiring and training new employees whenever a new requirement crops up, you have enough funds to reap profits with the proper allocation of funds.

Flexible policies of the Indian government

Compared to the other neighbors, the policies of the Indian government are much more flexible, especially regarding the IT industry. The “IT acts 2000” is a step forward in the direction of India becoming one of the tech giants with numerous IT parks being constructed all over the country. These provide excellent resources and infrastructure to contribute to India’s thriving IT and outsourcing culture.

Beneficial business partners

There are many things to consider while choosing the right outsourcing partner. Does the company provide the kind of services you need? Have they worked with companies like yours? Do they provide quality services? Once you’ve ticked all these boxes, it’s only a matter of time before your outsourcing partner becomes a useful business ally. Since they’re involved with important projects that would shape and mould the future of your business, they’re liable to provide valuable business advice when you need them to. Moreover, continued association breeds a kind of familiarity that can be beneficial for future projects. Indian outsourcing companies are involved in providing a variety of services for all kinds of clients from all over the world. You can surely expect a degree of versatility and affordable labor costs when you pick one.

More focus on core business functions

With ancillary projects delegated to your outsourcing partner, you have more time to concentrate on your core business functions that will benefit your business in the long run. You no longer need to divert your attention to a kind of project that needs extra management, and can concentrate on proper strategizing, market survey of customers and compare the level of competition before you take concrete decisions.


Indians are generally well versed in English, the global language of communication, thus knocking down the communication barrier and making way for effortless management and completion of projects. The Indian IT sector is also growing at a tremendous rate and has been predicted to surpass China’s by 2015. Moreover, the stable and progressive economic policies of the Indian government make India a valuable outsourcing provider in the IT industry.