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7 amazing benefits of Yoga For those in IT

Many of you might have felt the surge of joy after watching Julia Roberts in “Eat, Pray, Love”. The story revolves around a woman who undergoes a healing process, a drastic change in lifestyle after she encounters with the benefits of prayer and yoga in India. The journey of self-discovery makes her life totally different. […]

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How Evergreen Content Can Boost Your Business Strategy

Do not underestimate the intelligence of your audience! If you think that they do not have the time or energy to sift through their content, you are highly mistaken. Relevant content is and will always remain an essential asset. It is an infallible technique to boost your conversion rate, impress your audience and improve your […]

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Is your landing page entrapping enough traffic?

Have you ever wondered why your website is not garnering enough interest it should? Is it affecting your revenue generation? Maybe you should have a look at the conversion funnel and optimize its usage. The idea essential to conversion optimization is to maximally use the traffic you have already paid for. Are you in sync […]

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Want to see your App at the top? Find out how!

The right way to mobile app optimisation The statement mobile marketing is crucial for any business is now passé. Now the emphasis is more on the statistics to understand consumer behavioral pattern and how it can determine the flow of the traffic. But the question remains whether it can be a sustainable approach? The rise […]

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