7 amazing benefits of Yoga For those in IT

benefits of yoga in IT industry

Many of you might have felt the surge of joy after watching Julia Roberts in “Eat, Pray, Love”. The story revolves around a woman who undergoes a healing process, a drastic change in lifestyle after she encounters with the benefits of prayer and yoga in India. The journey of self-discovery makes her life totally different.

It is all about inner peace they will tell you. But when you work in IT, you may not be convinced. Can you really hope to achieve inner peace? Well, yoga can help you. It may take some time, but connecting with your inner self can be an amazing revelation.

Yoga helps in addiction

When we work in IT, we always go out for fag breaks. It is so common, that we may not even recognize the time when we become addicts. The use of the substance becomes a necessity and the body and the mind cannot do without it. In fact, most of us may not be aware of the fact that our body has become accustomed to it. We almost become dependent on it, which is an unhealthy practice.

Surprisingly yoga can help you. It uncovers the underlying cause helping the person to regain control over the body and mind. Meditation can help you. To free the mind from all kinds of fear, concerns, and worries, try meditation. Many of us attribute the habit of smoking and drinking to stress. Yes, stress can be a major cause of concern. But yoga can help you to combat it. Who does not want tranquillity and peace in world devoured with chaos? Forget about your struggles, tensions, concerns for a few hours. Once the mind is uncluttered, you will start to think in a more focused manner.

Easing your back pain through yoga

The long hours on the chair with little movement, the unending Board meetings will take its toll on the body. There is probably not a single soul who does not suffer from back pains. Lower back pain is a common phenomenon among people in the IT. The postures in yoga help strengthen the muscles. It also helps to relax the muscle, by releasing tension. Gone are the days of cramped body, aching joints and sore muscles. Believe in the healing process of yoga and you will not be disappointed.

Releasing stress through yoga

Stress can be a major cause of concern for the laptop-reading-coffee-drinking-elevator-dependant generation. And those of us who work in IT fields are always rushing. Sometimes the rush is to meet the deadlines, sometimes the rush is for client calls. With a deadline-oriented life, we often forget that we are humans and not machines. When the body reaches the maximum capacity, it refuses to go further. The mind is cluttered, the body is tired. Yoga is probably one of the most effective ways to regain your mental peace. Meditation is one of the most important facets of yoga. Yoga helps to heal. The mind which is disturbed will find peace once you attain the equilibrium. Once your mind is totally uncluttered, it can absorb more things. Yoga is known as the memory booster. It is just like rebooting your computer. The only difference is that you are rebooting your system.

Yoga helps in asthmatic conditions

Have you ever wondered about your neighbour in the next cubicle in office? She is always catching a cold and sometimes it takes days to heal. Plus she is suffering from severe asthmatic conditions which can get worse in an air-conditioned office. We, the IT people will probably let it pass, as a cold condition cannot compromise the deliverables. But you can be a good neighbour and tell her about the benefits of yoga.Tell her that a recent study has shown that people suffering from mild to moderate asthma has been tremendously benefited from yoga. Yoga has been added to their conventional care and it has improved the symptoms. Breathing practice which is popularly known as ‘pranayama’ can actually ease the asthmatic symptoms.

Infertility can be treated with yoga

Your best friend has been trying for a child for the past 6 years. She and her husband are the quintessential IT couple who live in a posh flat and drive the suave car. But their increasing concern about not having a child is affecting their relationship. Tell them about the power of yoga. It can really do wonders for infertility. It decreases stress and increases the chances of having a child. Yoga is the greatest stress-buster. It can really help you in the most difficult of conditions. Yoga helps the would-be mother to de-stress, open energetic channels, improve blood flow in reproductive organs and increase the chance of conception.

Yoga helps heart problems

Your father has always worked in IT. Lately, he has been suffering from several heart ailments and your doctor says that if he does not change his lifestyle, he is aiming for bigger problems. A concerned you turn to your doctor for help. The answer comes in the form of yoga. A study has shown that adding yoga to their treatment has helped heart patients tremendously. After a yoga regime is introduced, the capacity for exercise has increased for patients. They feel fit and healthy. The cardiovascular benefits of yoga can actually help to improve your heart, keeping it hale and hearty.

Helps to achieve alliance of the body, mind and soul:

You need to understand that yoga is a discipline which aims to achieve a balance between the physical, mental and spiritual being. The ‘asanas’ and the ‘dhyanas’ will help you to achieve this goal of total balance where you will be in full control of your mind and body. Yoga can be a true beacon towards a stress-free environment, far away from your chaotic life. It may sound simple but in reality it may take days, often months and years to gain complete control over the self. Yoga has an extraordinary philosophy. It is said that when you truly achieve this perfect union of mind, body and soul, you will be free of worldly desires. You will experience an elevation and become absorbed in the self.

The International Day of Yoga is celebrated on 21st June. Let us embrace yoga for a healthy life. It is like a wellness programme, to which we will be committed for a lifetime. We cannot change the world and lessen its burden, but we can hope to change our inner world. This one step towards wellness can be a life-changing inspiration for many!